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Plastic Waste Management Leicester

Here at Leicestershire we ensure easy recycling by recycling all plastic waste in a manner that’s environmentally friendly. Our goal is to provide quality customer service, and to continuously improve our service delivery standards, in order to satisfy the needs and requirements of valued clients. The plastic waste is collected, delivered, to the recycling centres. You can contact us on 01455 220323.


Plastic and Plastic Waste

Plastic is a very inexpensive, lightweight, and durable material, and can be easily shaped into a variety of products that have a wide range of uses. Consequently, over the past 60 years, the production of plastic has increased dramatically. Nevertheless, current levels of their disposal and usage are hazardous to the environment. Oil and gas, a non-renewable resource, account for around 4 percent of world production, and about 3–4 percent of energy consumption for plastic production. In any given year, nearly all plastic discarded within a year of production goes into packaging or other short-lived products.

Simply based on these two observations, we can deduce that the way we use plastic is not sustainable for the future. Lastly, due to the durability of the materials involved in the production of plastic, huge quantities of plastic waste accumulates as debris worldwide, both in landfills and in natural habitats.


What is Plastic Waste Recycling?

Plastic recycling represents one of the most popular ways to decrease the impacts plastic waste has on the environment and can be considered to be among the most dynamic elements of conserving our resources and living green. Recycling significantly reduces oil consumption, CO2 emissions, and the amount of plastic waste disposed of in the landfills. At Leicestershire we pride ourselves with our zero landfill waste policy which means that we ensure that none of the waste we collect ends up in landfills, more especially plastic. 

Even though plastics have been recycled since the 1970s, the amount recycled still is pretty low due to the fact that not all plastics are recyclable, depending on the plastic type and its resin quality. The majority of plastics are used for short-term applications, including packaging, agricultural films and disposable consumer items. Roughly 20 to 25 percent of plastic is used for long-term infrastructure, including pipes, cable coatings and structural materials, and the remaining percentage for durable consumer products, including electronics, furniture, vehicles, etc. If your business works with any of these, it is advisable that you work with a well established waste removal services company like ours.


Plastic Recycling Process Leicestershire

Leicestershire Waste company specializes in plastic waste recycling and other types of waste and has been at it for over 30 years now. Whether your business produces large or small quantities of plastic waste, we can help you manage it. To satisfy all of your plastic waste needs, our experienced, friendly staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


Here is how the process of recycling involved in plastic waste:

We start by collecting the plastic waste from your premises. Need plastic waste wheelie bins? Our service also includes the provision of free recycling bins, which will be delivered to your premises for free to store your plastic waste. We’ll then transport the waste to one of our recycling centres. Then, at recycling centers, it is sorted so that no contaminants, such as food or oil, remain.

After the sorting and filtering of the contaminants, the plastic will be further washed before shredding. In the end, the plastic will be melted or shredded to create new plastic items.


Plastic Waste Recycling Benefits

In addition to reducing plastic waste, recycling plastics has several other benefits, including reducing the need for plastic production which helps us save energy and conserve our natural resources. When you include the energy used to collect, transport, and reprocess plastic, recycling has been shown to save more energy compared to creating it from scratch via quarrying and other sources.

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