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Would you like to find a company which practices eco-friendly methods of trade waste management? The services of Leicestershire Waste company are just what you need. The fact that we are licensed to dispose of trade waste means we have all the tools and equipment we need to handle this type of waste including the knowledge we have accumulated over the years. 

Trade waste must be disposed of according to a trade waste agreement or permit, and failing to do so can result in fines. It is therefore essential to hire a licensed waste management company such as Leicestershire Waste for this task. Additionally, we will conduct a waste audit that will help you manage your trade waste more effectively. Furthermore, we offer free bins, free bin delivery, and a free, non-binding quote. Get in touch with us today by calling 01455 220323.


How Do You Define Trade Waste?

A trade is a form of liquid waste created by both commercial and industrial enterprises. In most cases, it is discharged into the sewer system and excludes waste created by human excretion or in the course of personal hygiene. Chemicals, oils, and grease are considered trade waste. If trade waste is mismanaged, it can contaminate water supplies and damage sewers. Companies should therefore seek the services of a licensed trade waste management company, such as Leicestershire Waste company. Our team will ensure that your waste is handled in a safe and law-abiding manner, helping you to uphold your duty of care and keep your business legal.

Trade waste cannot be disposed of in a sewer or anywhere else without a permit. If you violate this law, you may be charged with imprisonment and other penalties. Trade waste permits are required to oversee the trade waste processes and ensure public and environmental safety.

There are different requirements for different industries regarding trade waste disposal. Despite the fact that every industry produces trade waste, yours may differ depending on what type of business you operate in.


What does Trade Waste Contain?

Given that trade waste is liquid, but does not include human waste and hygiene waste, it would make sense that you are wondering what exactly is in trade waste. The term trade waste encompasses liquid waste water which is usually created when someone cooks or prepares food or while they clean or wash dishes.

Be it a commercial or industrial enterprise, every business produces some type of trade waste. There is a lot of trade waste generated by shops, restaurants, and pubs. Please call 01455 220323 if you are a business owner or manager who produces trade waste much like the ones listed above in order to learn how to manage trade waste properly and avoid steep fines and environmental damage.


Trade Waste Management Leicester

When dealing with trade waste management, safety measures and precautions should be taken. Our business waste removal trucks can remove trade waste from your premises without interrupting business operations. Additionally, we will conduct an audit to determine the kind of trade waste your business generates so that we can ensure maximum waste management. It is important to manage trade waste in order to protect the environment, the animals, and the human population.

If an untreated trade waste is dumped anywhere, this can pollute the water supply. When trade waste is not properly handled, it can negatively impact the reuse and recycling of water and biosolids. Due to the corrosive nature of trade waste, proper trade waste management helps to protect sewerage infrastructure. Waste generated in the trade produces hazardous gases such as methane and hydrogen sulphide, which present a safety hazard to sewerage workers, that is why pre-treatment before disposal is important. 

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