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Food Waste Management Leicestershire

You can count on us when it comes to recycling and collecting food waste. We will be happy to walk you through every aspect of food recycling with our friendly and experienced experts. We can be reached at 01455 220323 or by completing the form for a free quote. 

With food shortages in other countries, food waste should not be at its current level. Even so, we understand that there can be times when food waste can’t be avoided. That is why we have established eco-friendly food waste management techniques such as food waste recycling and reduction. We are dedicated to managing food waste in a way which is environmentally friendly or green, and we train our employees fully in waste management so that no waste goes to landfills. Please contact us right away if you would like a free quote and to find out more about our food waste management services.


What is Food waste?

The term “food waste” describes left-over or discarded food that is thrown away without being used. The food is wasted at all stages of the production process and during consumption when the people served throw it away after eating. According to the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), food waste is any uncooked or undercooked foods sent to food waste disposal sites such as landfills and bins, where “food” can be defined as any substance intended for human consumption at some point in time.

Global warming is primarily caused by carbon emissions caused by food waste. As a result of unpredictable and extreme weather conditions, worldwide food warming poses a significant threat to our food production.


Food Waste Management Leicestershire

We will ensure that zero food waste is sent to landfills through food waste recycling. Recycling food waste can provide us with excess energy resources that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Furthermore, it provides us with more bio-fertilizer for growing more food plants. Food recycling consists of the following steps:

Food waste is collected from your premises and transported to our recycling facilities. The recycling centers use anaerobic digestion to break down the waste. Microbes inside airtight and enclosed systems break food waste down through anaerobic digestion. As this breaks down, methane gas is produced, which can be used as a fuel and an electricity source. By breaking down the food, what is left can be used to make a bio-fertilizer for our crops.

Given all the benefits we gain from recycling our food, it makes sense that it should be the only way to dispose of food waste, unless the food in question is edible or fit for human consumption, in which case it should be donated to the less fortunate.


Food Waste Reduction Leicestershire

Consumption plays a key role in reducing food waste. In other words, if food demand is low, food production companies are likely to continue to produce food in considerate amounts so that half of the amount does not go to waste. By carefully managing the food we already have, we can minimize our demand for food. People treat food as if it were a disposable commodity. It is natural to assume that we will never run out of food as long as we have enough money, so we tend not to consume it responsibly.

However, we are wasting so much food that we are also creating a long-term food shortage. The majority of food waste often ends up in landfills, causing a lot of methane emissions from the food as it breaks down. The greater the amount of methane in the atmosphere, the greater the threat of global warming. Global warming can make it very difficult for agriculture to flourish, which implies that extreme food shortages are inevitable, even in the warm pockets of the developed world. 


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