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Commercial Waste Management Wigton

The town of Wigton is in Cumbria, an English county. The village is situated close to the Lake District in the borough of Allerdale, and was historically part of the county of Cumberland. Wigton lies in the heart of the Solway Plain between the Caldbeck Fells and the Solway shore. This area is served by the Cumbrian Coast Line train station at Wigton and the A596 road, which also goes to Workington. 

The town of Wigton used to be a lively place of some repute, with Georgian houses lining its streets, an 18th-century church, and an exquisite fountain adorning its ancient marketplace. Wigton’s early industries included cotton and linen manufacturing, dyeing, printing, and tanning. Fabric producers employed hundreds of hand-loom weavers who worked mostly out of small cottages to the east of town. Tenters was named after tenterhooks that were used to stretch the final cloth so it could be bleached with the sun. A corn mill, two breweries, a dye factory, tannery, and sawmill ran on water and electricity from Wigton’s two becks. As of today, Wigton is known as a market town where cattle auctions are regularly held through Hopes Auction Company. 

This town is also bustling with retail stores and food stores for visitors and locals. And, with a lot of businesses around comes a lot of business waste needs. Hunt Brothers offers waste management services at a higher level commensurate with Wigton’s economic opportunities. With our experience removing waste from businesses and helping them treat their waste responsibly, we are well positioned to help Wigton companies meet their recycling targets. In addition to our waste collection, skip hire, audits, and recycling services, we offer cost-effective and reliable waste management. You can give us a call on 01455 220323 or fill in the form for a call back.


Commercial Waste Collection Wigton

Our waste management professionals are able to manage collections and disposal for businesses ranging from major corporations such as Innovia Films to small businesses such as Harrison Stores Ltd, down in Main Street, Abbeytown. In addition, we can provide a variety of helpful tools to make waste collection as convenient and easy as possible. Our large inventory includes everything from wheelie bins to front-end loaders to skips and roll-off containers. Additionally, we have extensive experience with hazardous materials and substances, such as asbestos, soil, and gypsum boards.

Our qualified personnel can put together a dependable recycling collection program for any company in Wigton, removing the barriers to collection that existed previously for those in the county’s many outlying and rural locations. We can help businesses and organisations in Wigton and Cumbria fulfill the EU’s recycling targets for the UK by providing recycling services for plastics, glass, paper, and cardboard, allowing them to concentrate on what their business is about. Whilst we don’t offer domestic waste collection, Syke Park Industrial Estate located in:

Syke Road,



CA7 9N

Commercial Waste Disposal Wigton 

Our services include:

  • You can choose from a variety of custom waste and recycling services for your business.
  • An experienced team of locals with a wealth of local knowledge.
  • An efficient, cost-effective, and dependable waste removal service.
  • For those whose space is limited, we can provide a variety of containers and skips, or trade sacks as an alternative.

The UK law requires all companies that generate garbage to take appropriate measures to dispose of or recycle it. Moreover, you are supposed to keep your waste transfer documents for at least two years. We will dispose of your waste through recycling or anaerobic digestion if it’s food waste. We try by all means to stay away from sending waste to landfills.

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