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Cardboard Waste Recycling Leicestershire

Cardboard recycling can be just as important as any other form of waste recycling. We at Leicestershire waste are able to take care of cardboard recycling for businesses and organizations in and around Leicestershire. Cardboard recycling with us is efficient, affordable, and fast. You can get a quote or find out more information by calling 01455 220323. 

Recycling wastes, including cardboard, is a legally mandated process for businesses. Recycling cardboard may seem trivial to you as a business owner given your very busy schedule, however, it is not. Let us do all the heavy-lifting when it comes to your cardboard waste management. We’ll also offer you free bins with free delivery. We are also known for our excellent customer service.¬†


Recyclable Cardboard Leicestershire

Cardboard is a medium-weight paper that is used primarily for packaging. Paper is the main component of cardboard, but it is highly durable compared to paper and made in such a way that it can also carry other items. There are two types of cardboard, corrugated cardboard, which is used mainly for heavier packages, and paperboard or chipboard, which is used for lighter packages like cereals and milk cartons. If kept dry and clean, both types of cardboard are recyclable.

If the cardboard is greasy or contaminated in some way, it must be cleaned before it can be recycled. However, pizza boxes cannot be recycled as the oil from pizzas sips into the cardboard fibres. Always store your cardboard waste in a dry bin and ensure that it stays dry. Always flatten your cardboard waste before you put it in the bin to make room.


Is Cardboard Recyclable With Paper?

Because of new regulations established in 2012, some cardboard cannot be recycled with paper. During the recycling process the fibres will not be able to be recycled into a high quality product since they are different. This is, however, an exception only for corrugated cardboard. But, paperboard and thin paper can both be recycled with paper. Make sure there are no plastics or tapes contained in your cardboard waste since plastics are not recyclable.

By recycling, we not only preserve our environment by reducing pollution, but we also conserve valuable resources and create jobs. By this we mean maintaining a clean and green environment is achieved through the recycling of cardboard. We will explain the cardboard recycling process in the steps below.

Recycling cardboard begins with the collection step. We will pick up your cardboard waste at your premises or wherever it is stored and bring it to a recycling facility at a very competitive price. Upon arrival at the recycling facility, cardboard waste is sorted based on its material.

Boxboard and corrugated cardboard are two of the most common types. Those thin cardboard sheets used for cereal boxes or drink containers are called boxboards. Compared to paper boxes, corrugated boxes are often bigger and stiffer. They are commonly used to package goods for transportation. Shredding follows sorting, followed by pulping. The paper fibres in cardboard are broken down into several tiny pieces by shredding.

Upon being finely shredded into pieces, the material must be broken down with water and chemicals in order to create a slurry. Thereafter, the pulp material is subjected to a thorough filtration process to remove any impurities and foreign materials that are present. After the pulp has been cleaned and blended with new production materials, it is dried on flat conveyor belt or heated cylindrical surfaces.

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