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Business Waste Management Leicestershire

We can assist you in finding an efficient and cost-effective company waste management solution, regardless of your waste treatment requirements. We have extensive expertise advising and assisting businesses of all sizes with their waste management needs, contact us on 01455 220323. We offer industry-leading services at competitive prices, and we will help you select the best options for your business.

Our company is fully compliant and we provide excellent customer service, which means that you can let us handle your waste management needs, so you can focus on the non-disposable aspects of running your business. Our comprehensive services take care of all your needs, whether you have a single location or several across the country. We have free bins and can deliver them to you for free. 


Importance of Waste Management Leicestershire

No matter how big or how small a company is, waste production happens unavoidably. Regardless of the cause, whether it is leftover materials from business processes, food waste, or anything else, it needs to be properly managed and disposed of. The disposal of each type of rubbish requires diverse regulations and legal issues for businesses in particular, making the management process a problem for many business owners. As a result, outsourcing your company’s waste management needs provides a lot of advantages.


Business Waste Disposal Leicestershire

A business waste disposal system involves the treatment of all commercial waste. The easiest way to dispose of your waste regularly is to use a registered waste management company. Your company is responsible for keeping waste to a minimum, storing waste properly and in a secure location, completing a waste transfer note about waste that leaves your facilities, as well as disposing of waste legally and compliantly using a registered waste company such as Leicestershire Waste company. We are happy to be able to offer our waste management services to businesses all around the country as one of the UK’s top independent consultancies. We will:

  • Work with you to set up collection schedules that are convenient for you.
  • Provide advice on the best waste collection service based upon their specific needs.
  • Maximize diversion from landfills, we optimize our waste customer service team’s waste hierarchy to reduce, recycle and recover waste.
  • Ensure that businesses do not break the law when it comes to waste.
  • Collect all types of waste, solid or liquid. 


Business Waste Management Legal Duties

Every UK business with a registered business location is obligated to dispose of their waste safely and lawfully. Otherwise, your business will be penalized and may be punished excessively if your waste is not properly stored, removed, and disposed of. 

The Environment Protection Act 1990 allows the Magistrates or Crown court to impose unlimited fines if you are convicted of improper garbage disposal. If convicted in a Magistrates court, you could face a term of up to 12 months in prison and up to 5 years in a Crown court. The statute known as Duty of Care (Section 34 of the Environment Protection Act 1990) explains the necessity for businesses to dispose of their waste appropriately.

The following is stated in it:

  • Place your waste in a secure and safe place.
  • Make sure that the waste does not harm humans or the environment.
  • Ensure that any waste collection services you use are legally licensed.
  • To the greatest extent possible, contain all waste within your control.
  • If you use an outsourced waste management provider to transport your waste, include a waste transfer note.

It also states that you should follow the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle waste management hierarchy to keep your waste to a minimum.

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